The Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Club is committed to providing its members with career and educational opportunities in private equity and venture capital. We provide a platform for MBA students with interest in private equity and venture capital to not only meet and network among each other, but also build connections with leading industry professionals in the field. Our events are targeted both at students with prior experience in the industry and students seeking to break into private equity or venture capital.

Club activities can be broadly classified into three categories:

Getting hired

  1. Weekly update emails with latest job postings
  2. Panels on recruiting and general interview preparation
  3. 1:1 mentoring and coffee chats
  4. Career Treks to visit PE/VC firms globally
  5. PE/VC resume book that is sent to recruiters and PE/VC employers

Preparing for the job

  1. Training from outside firms on financial modeling
  2. Training from outside firms on the legal aspects of PE/VC
  3. Access to recruiting guides and other proprietary PE/VC education resources
  4. Speaker events with PE/VC industry professionals
  5. Wharton Private Equity Conference
  6. PE/VC Competitions

Having fun and networking

  1. Regular happy hours
  2. Small group dinners with other PE/VC club members
  3. Annual PE/VC Club social event